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Privacy Policy
Leadzp.com is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors. You can take full control of your personal information through leadzp.com. This clause is dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of users. Please read this clause to understand the policies and practices of Leadzp.com to collect and protect your personal data.
Member Information
When you register on our website and fill in your resume, you will be asked to provide a series of basic personal information, such as your name, address, email, phone number, etc. Other members may also provide us with your information . We do not disclose the above information to third parties unless we believe it is necessary for legal reasons. However, these data will be counted and aggregated by us to provide basis for our advertisers or to provide information that does not contain the user's name and contact information.
Viewing Resume
You can set personal resume control permissions when filling in your resume
When you select the open resume function, you have agreed to search for your personal resume on employers and professional staff of leadzp.com on Leadzp.com. If you want more recruitment opportunities, you can choose this service.
Completely Confidential
Select the resume hiding function, your resume will not be actively searched and viewed by the employer. However, you can still register and complete the electronic resume through the personal member management system of leadzp.com, and find job positions, subscribe for job positions, and apply online. If you already have a new job, you can choose this feature. When you want to find better job opportunities, you can modify your resume status at any time.
Disclosure Of Information
You can choose the open / confidential status of your resume. Even if you choose to open your resume, only the professionals of leadzp.com and filtered corporate users can see it. We do not disclose visitor information without authorization. The following exceptions apply:
Laws, regulations and law enforcement agencies require the provision of relevant personal data;
To relieve the visitor of imminent danger in life, body or property;
Your personal information was leaked because you shared your account password with others;
Personal data leakage due to force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network, such as hacking, computer virus intrusion.
Modification Of Information
You are free to modify your personal information and resume. No one else has the right to modify or delete information posted by others, but you disclose your account and password to a third party, and your personal data is lost, stolen, or used due to force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network such as hacking, computer virus intrusion or outbreak Except for tampering. Leadzp.com reserves the right to modify or delete any unsuitable information at its discretion.
Copyright And Trademark Rights
All icons, graphics, graphics, charts, videos, colors, text expressions and combinations thereof, layout design, trademark law on this website. The databases are protected by trademark law, copyright law and related intellectual property laws;
This website has the exclusive right to publish and use the published information. Without the consent of this website, no user may copy, use, reprint or provide it to any third party.
No user may copy or download the HTML files created by this website for making web pages without authorization. Leadzp.com has the copyright to its HTML files;
The trademarks of leadzp.com, including and other website trademarks, belong to leadzp.com
Security Center
Welcome to Leadzp.com Security Center
Leadzp.com provides you with the safest job search and management environment possible. In order to achieve this goal, we hope that when you evaluate jobs posted online by leadzp.com and employment opportunities sent to you by email, you need to be more aware of safety and take some simple precautions.
For example, you are likely to encounter a fraudulent job offer while conducting an online job search, or receive a fraudulent email. The sender's address of this email is forged, and it looks like the email from leadzp.com. Such fraud not only violates the terms of use of leadzp.com, but may also violate relevant national laws and regulations.
Although leaderzp.com has done its best to prevent these frauds, it will inevitably be affected. To help you with secure job search and job management, we provide the following security-related articles and resources for your reference. Familiarizing yourself with this information can be very helpful in keeping you safe online and in real life.
Terms of use
Terms Of Use
This page clarifies the Terms of Use ("Terms of Use") for using the Leadzp.com website and its services.
These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement between users of the Leadzp.com website ("Users") and "Leadzp.com". When users visit the website of leadzp.com and use their services, they are deemed to have accepted the terms of this agreement.
The Leadzp.com website provides a variety of functions and services, including but not limited to online posting and searching for job opportunities ("Leadzp.com"). The website of leadzp.com provides users with a sharing function, allowing job seekers and companies to complete recruitment and job hunting in the interaction. Users can also create personal profile information ("My Resume") on the leadzp.com website.
From time to time, leadzp.com will amend the Terms of Use by publishing an updated version on this website. Users are requested to visit this page regularly and check the latest terms. These terms are binding on the user.
Users who violate the Terms of Use may be suspended or terminated and access to the leadzp.com website.
The user must have full civil capacity to access or use the leadzp.com website in various ways. Visiting the leadzp.com website and accepting the terms of use indicates that the user has stated and warranted to the leadzp.com: According to Chinese law, the user has full capacity for civil conduct, and the user has the rights and capabilities And abide by those terms. Users also declare and warrant to Leadzp.com that they will use the Leadzp.com website in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Use Leadzp.com Content
The content of the Leadzp.com website, such as text, graphics, images, logos, button icons, software and other content (collectively "leadzp.com content"), is subject to copyright, trademarks and other laws protection of. All Leadzp.com content is owned by Leadzp.com or content providers or Leadzp.com customers. The content compilation (collected, collated, and summarized) of the website of leadzp.com is the exclusive property of leadzp.com and is protected by copyright, trademarks, and other laws. Unauthorized use of Leadzp.com content will violate the aforementioned laws and is strictly prohibited. In the authorized copy of leadzp.com, the user must retain the copyright, trademark, service mark, and other proprietary notices in the original content of leadzp.com.
The user agrees not to sell or modify the content of leadzp.com for public or commercial purposes in any form, or to copy, display, publicly demonstrate, and distribute products and services related to non-leadpp.com websites. Or use leadzp.com content in other ways, cause confusion among consumers and degrade or discredit leadzp.com and its authorizers, and weaken leadzp.com or its authorization The owner ’s ownership or infringes the intellectual property rights of leadzp.com and its licensors. Users also agree not to abuse the content of leadzp.com in any other way. The use of leadzp.com content for any purpose on any other website or networked computer environment is prohibited. The software created by Leadzp.com to generate or display the content or pages of Leadzp.com is protected by the copyright of Leadzp.com and may not be copied or adapted without authorization.
Restrictions on Leadzp.com Website
Users must not use the leadzp.com website to send, post, distribute, store or destroy materials. If this behavior (a) violates any relevant laws and regulations, (b) infringes others' copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or other Intellectual property rights or ways of infringing others' privacy, portrait rights, or other personal rights, or (c) contain defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive, or hateful content.
Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Leadzp.com website, including but not limited to the following: (a) accessing data not accessible to these users or unauthorized login to servers or accounts; (b) Attempts to detect, scan or test system or network weaknesses with appropriate authorization; (c) Attempts to interfere with any other users, hosts and network services, including but not limited to, by providing viruses to the leadzp.com website , Overload, "flood", "spam", "mail bomb" or "crash"; or forge TCP / IP packet headers or partial header information in any email or newsgroup. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. Leadzp.com will investigate possible violations and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to sue relevant users involved in such violations.
In order to ensure that all customers use leadzp.com safely and effectively, leadzp.com reserves the right to limit the amount of data that users can access (including resume viewing) for a certain period of time. Leadership.com (leadzp.com) reserves the right to amend this restriction at any time at its discretion.
Special Prohibited Use
Other functions of job posting, leadzp.com resume database, and leadzp.com website can only be used for job seekers to find work and employment information and for legitimate purposes for companies to recruit employees. Leadzp.com's information sharing and profile information can only be used for legitimate purposes for personal and professional communication between individuals and others.
Leadzp.com explicitly prohibits any other form of use of the leadzp.com website, and all users agree not to engage in any of the following activities: (a) on the leadzp.com website Post a job for a competitor of leadzp.com or include a link to any website that competes with leadzp.com in the posted job and other content; (b) on leadzp.com Jobs or content posted on the website contain hyperlinks, "hidden" keywords and keywords that are not related to or misleading in the job position; (c) not using the pilot recruitment network for the purpose of recruiting employees ( leadzp.com) resume database, including but not limited to using leadzp.com resume database information to sell or promote any product or service; (d) using the leadzp.com community for commercial recruitment and senior management Personnel search, staffing, outsourcing recruitment or other professional employment or recruitment behavior; (e) posting or submitting any incomplete or incomplete information on the Leadzp.com website Erroneous personal information and information that does not belong to you; (f) posting information about franchising, MLM, club membership, distribution or sales agents on the leadzp.com website; (g) collecting job security deposits and deposits Or other forms of recruitment costs; (h) sending unsolicited letters or emails to other users of the leadzp.com website, making unsolicited calls or sending faxes, promoting or promoting products and services; (i) deletion Or modify information posted by other individuals or corporate users; (j) impose unreasonable or disproportionate loads on the infrastructure of the Leadership Jobs website (leadzp.com); (k) use or attempt to make use of any non-Leader Jobs (Leadzp.com) own or authorized search engines, software, tools, agents, or other devices or mechanisms to browse and search the leadzp.com website; (l) for the leadzp.com website Decompile, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any software or component; (m) aggregate, copy, or otherwise post without the formal written consent of leadzp.com Method to copy any of the content of leadzp.com or the website of leadzp.com; or (n) click to hijack or link to the content of leadzp.com and leadzp.com Website information.
Leadzp.com does not necessarily monitor all information posted, transmitted or communicated on the website. If you find that some content on the site violates the terms of use, please contact us through the methods specified in Article 9.
Registration Message
When a user registers information on leadzp.com, he needs to create an account and provide certain information to leadzp.com, including but not limited to a valid email address ("User Information"). The information submitted by users is used in accordance with the privacy statement of leadzp.com.
Leadzp.com has the right to provide users with third-party services and products at any time according to the interests they choose when registering. These services and product information may be sent by leadzp.com or other third parties. For details about the protection of user information, please refer to the privacy statement of leadzp.com. This privacy statement is hereby incorporated by reference as part of these Terms of Use.
Leadership.com (leadzp.com) does not make any commitments or provide other instructions, guarantees or guarantees on the quality or nature of third-party products and services purchased through leadership.com. Any such commitments, representations, warranties or guarantees will be provided solely by suppliers of third-party products and services.
User Content And Comments
All information, data, text, software, music, sound, pictures, images, videos, advertisements, messages or messages submitted, posted or displayed by users on or through the website of leadzp.com Other materials (collectively "User Content") are the responsibility of the user who entered the User Content. Leading recruitment website (leadzp.com) has no ownership or control over user content. Any user content submitted, posted or displayed on or through Leadzp.com retains patents, trademarks and copyrights owned by the user. Submitting, posting, or displaying user content on or through leadzp.com indicates that the user has granted global, non-exclusive, free licenses to leadzp.com to promote piloting Jobs (leadzp.com) products and services can be copied, adapted, distributed or made public. Leadership.com (leadzp.com) reserves the right to refuse to accept, post, display or deliver any user content.
The user also declares and warrants that the user has the right to make the above permission. If a user publishes user content in any public area of ​​the leadzp.com website, it means that the user allows any other user to access, display, view, save, or copy the user content.
For user content that violates the Terms of Use, violates applicable laws, and harms or threatens the safety of any user of leadzp.com, leadzp.com will review and delete the content as appropriate. For users who violate the terms of use or applicable laws and regulations, Leadzp.com has the right to prevent them from continuing to access the Leadzp.com website or using Leadzp.com products or services. If Leadzp.com believes that certain user content may cause unnecessary responsibility to Leadzp.com, damage the brand or public image of Leadzp.com, or cause Pilot Recruitment (Leadzp.com) loses (in whole or in part) the services of ISP or other providers, and leadzp.com will take any necessary measures on user content as appropriate.
Leadzp.com does not promise or guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and reliability of any user content or other communication content posted by users, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed by users.
The following are some of the user content prohibited by leadzp.com:
Violation of Article 4 of the "Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of International Networking of Computer Information Networks" (Ministry of Public Security No. 33);
Indirect or direct offensive content, such as supporting or promoting racism, prejudice, discrimination, hatred or personal injury to any individual or group;
Harass, incite or support harassment of any individual or group;
Involves the transmission of "spam", "chain letters" or unsolicited mass mailings or "spam";
Infringing the copyrights of others without permission, such as providing pirated computer programs or links, providing information to circumvent copyright-protected devices installed by manufacturers, or providing links to pirated music or other media or pirated music and other media files;
Contain pages that are restricted or require a password to access, or hide pages or pictures;
Solicit passwords or personal information from other users. The archives submitted by individual users must be information describing the users themselves, and must not contain information representing animals, regions, inanimate objects, fictional characters, or others.
In order to protect community users of leadzp.com from commercial advertisements and other solicitation behaviors, leadzp.com has the right to limit the number of messages sent by certain users to other users. leadzp.com) within reasonable limits.
Registration And Password
Users are responsible for maintaining their account information and passwords. Users must not temporarily or permanently share their account passwords and other account access information. The user agrees that if he finds that his account, information or password has been stolen, he shall immediately notify leadzp.com in the manner specified in Article 9.
Notice Of Copyright And Trademark Infringement
If the user believes that someone has infringed his copyright or trademark right to upload, post or copy his copyrighted or trademarked work on leadzp.com, please contact us through the following methods:
Email: 91yun@leadervc.com
Phone: 400-667-0606
For users who infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others, terminate their use of leadzp.com
Leadzp.com respects the intellectual property rights of others, and requires users and partners to respect the intellectual property rights of others. Unauthorized distribution, reproduction, modification, or public display of copyrighted works constitutes an infringement of the rights of copyright owners. As a condition for the user to use leadzp.com, the user agrees not to use any leadzp.com website to infringe the intellectual property rights of others in any way. For any user who infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights of others, leadzp.com has the right to terminate its account on leadzp.com and prohibit it from accessing it (Leadzp.com) website.
Responsibilities of Leadzp.com
Leadzp.com, as a platform for enterprises to publish employment opportunities and job applicants' resumes and personal information, does not screen and review the content of the release, including but not limited to personal data provided by job applicants, unless otherwise provided by law. Leadzp.com is not involved in actual transactions between companies and job seekers. Therefore, leadzp.com cannot control user content, the quality, security and legitimacy of posts or resumes posted, the authenticity and accuracy of published content, the ability of companies to provide job opportunities for job seekers, or job seekers Competence for the job. Leadzp.com does not make any promises for any job positions or resumes on the leadzp.com website. If Leadzp.com believes that certain user content may cause unnecessary responsibility to Leadzp.com, damage the brand or public image of Leadzp.com, or cause Pilot Recruitment (Leadzp.com) (in whole or in part) has lost the services of ISP or other providers, and leadzp.com may take necessary measures on user content as appropriate.
Leading recruitment network (leadzp.com) recruitment provides a professional information exchange platform for individuals. Except as required by law, Leadzp.com does not screen and review personal information or user content on the site, and does not participate in actual communication with community users of Leadzp.com. Therefore, Leadzp.com cannot control the authenticity, reliability, completeness and timeliness of the personal information or user content submitted on the website, and does not affect the personal data and users of the Leadzp.com Content makes no promises.
Disclaimer Warranty
Leadzp.com does not guarantee the correct operation of any leadzp.com website or any leadzp.com website and its servers against computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms. If users use any leadzp.com website or leadzp.com content to cause the need to repair or replace equipment or data, leadzp.com is not responsible for these costs. The contents of the Leadzp.com website and the Leadzp.com website are provided to users on a "as is" basis without warranty of any kind. Leadzp.com, to the maximum extent permitted by law, does not make any direct or indirect guarantees, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
Liability For Consequential Damages
In no event shall leadzp.com and its suppliers, or any third party mentioned on the leadzp.com website be liable for any damages (including but not limited to incidental or indirect damages) , Loss of profits or loss due to data loss or business interruption), whether caused by the use or inability to use any of the content of Leadzp.com and Leadzp.com, or whether it is based on warranty , Contracts, infringements, or other legal doctrines, or whether Leadzp.com suggests the possibility of such losses.
Links To Other Websites
The Leadzp.com website contains links to third-party websites. These links are provided for user convenience only and do not necessarily represent the content of third-party websites endorsed by leadzp.com. Leadership.com (leadzp.com) is not responsible for the content of linked third-party websites and makes no representations about the content and accuracy of materials on similar third-party websites. If the user decides to visit a linked third-party website, the user does so at his own risk.
Prohibition Of Resale Or Illegal Commercial Use
The user undertakes not to resell or transfer user rights or obligations under the terms of use. Users also promise not to use the leadzp.com website for any commercial purpose without authorization.
These terms are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Only a Chinese court with legal jurisdiction can determine any claim arising under this agreement. If any court with legal jurisdiction determines that any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid, the invalidity of these provisions will not affect the validity of other provisions in the Terms of Use, and the other provisions will still have full enforcement and effect. In addition, the failure of Leadzp.com to enforce any of these terms should not be construed as a waiver of these terms by leadzp.com or affecting its future use in any The right to enforce these provisions.
Additional Terms
Certain areas of the Leadzp.com website are subject to additional terms, and by using these areas, or any part of them, the user agrees to use these areas in accordance with the applicable additional terms. These additional terms may be updated from time to time.
Terms And Termination
These terms of use are binding and effective regardless of the level of leadzp.com page that users visit. If the user violates these terms, leadzp.com has the right to seek all legal remedies at its discretion, including but not limited to deleting user content from the leadzp.com website, and immediately terminate the user's recruitment at pilot (Leadzp.com) website registration and accessibility, or any other services provided by the leading recruitment network (leadzp.com). Even if you are no longer a user of the leadzp.com website, some of these terms still have legal effect, including Articles 3, 4, 5, 9 to 15.
These terms are legally binding on the user and Leadzp.com, and use of the Leadzp.com website indicates that the user agrees to the terms of use.
Account Management
For your account information, corporate account and other online accounts at leadzp.com, your password is the key to log in to the website and protect your personal information. While Leadzp.com takes proactive security measures to protect your account information, you should also actively protect your password security to prevent unauthorized account intrusion.
In addition to gaining access to products and services associated with your account, unauthorized, illegal users may attempt to use their stolen data to send you phishing emails. In most cases, you will not find out in time that your account is already in danger. Remember the following simple ways to protect your account information:
Remember the following simple ways to protect your account information:
Use Complex Passwords
By choosing a complex password, you can increase the security of your account and prevent malicious users from maliciously acquiring products and services associated with your account at leadzp.com. To create a complex password, note the following:
☆ Avoid using simple passwords that are easy to guess (such as 123.);
☆ The password must be at least 6-15 characters, which is case sensitive. The first password is alphabetic by default;
☆ Avoid using passwords similar to your name, company name, or email address;
☆ Change your password regularly.
Do not use the same password for multiple accounts-this will increase the security of your account.
Don't email your password to anyone, and never reply to any email asking for your password.
Leadzp.com will not send emails asking you to provide or confirm your password, nor will you send emails asking you to use your leadzp.com account password to download any software, tools, forms Or access agreement.
Leadzp.com will not call you to provide your username and password.
You are the only person who needs to know your password. If you receive a call from an employee who claims to be leadzp.com and ask you to provide them with account information, please do not respond to the caller. In this case, you should contact leadzp.com directly to confirm the intention of the caller.
Do not share your password with anyone.
If you are concerned that someone knows your account password on leadzp.com, you should change the password in time or contact leadzp.com.
Try to avoid writing down your password.
If you must write down your password, you should store it away from your computer.
We recommend that you regularly update the antivirus program on your computer.
Resume Security
How to secure your online resume
You may have heard of cyber fraud, which is mostly found in companies that make money through online payments. Since there is no charge for submitting your resume on Leadzp.com, submitting your resume on a regular recruitment site such as Leadzp.com is a safe way to apply for a job. However, please be careful not to include the following private information in your resume:
• Driver's license number;
• Bank account information;
• credit card information;
• Password.
Note: Try not to inform your potential employer of the above private information, unless you can be sure that the employer and the employment opportunities it offers are credible.
Do you want the employer to see your resume on leadzp.com? Do you care who can see your resume on the Internet? Leadzp.com provides you with full flexibility when you submit your resume. Your resume setting options are as follows:
• Public: Select the public resume option, and your company will find your resume when searching in the resume database of leadzp.com. Choosing the public resume option will provide you with the broadest job opportunities.
• Confidentiality: Do you want to be more secure when conducting job searches? If so, you can choose the confidential resume option. Companies will not be able to see your resume when searching for resumes, but you can actively search for job applications with confidential resumes.
• Only open to leadzp.com: If you choose to make your resume public only to leadzp.com, companies can search and view resumes, but they cannot see your contact information and current working status.
Mail Fraud
How to become a secure Internet user
Every website faces a growing problem-fraudulent use of information. We are willing to work with users of leadzp.com to resist this behavior. Please read the following to learn how to identify and prevent email fraud.
Nowadays, you may think you can identify them in the face of frequent fraudulent emails. But there are two types of email fraud that are difficult to detect, the so-called "phishing" and "electronic fraud". Both emails contain a tampered outbox address, so you mistakenly believe that the message came from someone or somewhere, and you do n’t know the true source of the message. Faced with this situation, you should pay attention to the following reminders:
"What is "phishing"? How do I identify it?
Phishing is the act of obtaining personal identity and account information through fraud. Phishing can also trick recipients into downloading malware. Phishing emails often claim that there is something wrong with the recipient's account, which requires the recipient's immediate attention. At the same time, phishing emails may also contain links to other web pages that require recipients to provide personal or account information, or require recipients to download malicious software. Please note that leadzp.com will not require you to download any software in order to access your account or use our services.
What is the difference between "phishing" and "e-fraud"?
Electronic fraud often includes a fraudulent offer of employment or an invitation to act as an intermediary for the payment process or the transfer of funds. The recipients of such fraudulent emails are mainly ordinary Internet users, so users of leadzp.com may also receive such emails. As with phishing emails, the actual sending address of the scam email is also hidden or tampered with.
What is "voice fishing"? How do I identify it?
Although typical phishing is done via email, fraudsters can also commit fraud in multiple ways over the phone. This type of scam over the phone is often called voice phishing or text phishing. These phone numbers are often unrecognizable or unfamiliar.
Advice for web users: how to avoid phishing fraud
The number and complexity of phishing frauds faced by web users is increasing rapidly. Although online banking and e-commerce are generally secure, in principle, you should be careful when sending personal account information over the Internet. Leadzp.com reminds you to avoid the following:
☆ Do not trust emails that urgently require your personal account information;
☆ Typical phishing emails contain false statements that make the recipient feel uneasy or excited, prompting the recipient to respond immediately;
☆ Phishing emails will focus on asking your username, password, credit card number, date of birth, etc .;
☆ If you suspect that the information in the email, instant message or chat is not true, please do not open any of these web links; in this case, you should directly call the company phone to ask or enter the URL directly in the browser to log in website;
☆ You should only exchange credit card numbers, accounts, passwords and other information through a secure website or phone;
☆ When you submit credit card numbers or other sensitive information through your browser, make sure that the website you use is secure.
Privacy Notice
Your privacy
Leadzp.com collects and sends your personal information to help you connect with businesses or other like-minded job seekers and provide you with other services. This statement states how leadzp.com collects and sends your personal information, and your choices regarding the use of personal information. Please see our full privacy statement for more details and privacy policies.
Collect And Save Information
We collect personal information and user statistics provided by you. We also collect information on how you use Leadzp.com and which areas of Leadzp.com you visit. We may also obtain your personal information from third parties in order to personalize your online experience. The results log contains the necessary information to analyze resource utilization, troubleshoot, and improve services. We also use cookies.
How To Use Information
Others around the world can access, use and save the information you post in public areas of the website or in a searchable resume library. We will try to open this resume library to legitimate users only, so as to provide a safe and reliable environment, but cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not access your information. We do not have complete control over how authorized users save or use information downloaded from the database, so please ensure that you do not post sensitive information.
We use your information collected to provide products and services, and to operate and improve the leadzp.com website. Our services include displaying personal information and advertisements on our website and other websites with which we have a business relationship. We may contact you with your information, provide you with updated information on leadzp.com, conduct survey visits, or exchange service-related information, including important security information updates.
Disclose Information To Others
We share your information with third parties who assist us in providing you with products and services. These third parties cannot use this information for any purpose other than to provide you with products and services.
With your consent, we may use your information to contact you to provide information about other products and services of us and affiliates. With your consent, we may share your information with third parties, who may contact you about their products and services. To the extent permitted by law, we will save all or part of the collected information to China. If our business is acquired or merged, we will disclose and transfer your information.
Choice Of Own Information
You can log in to your account at any time to view, modify or delete submitted personal information. After your personal information is deleted, the system will retain your basic profile data and continue archiving. If other users of our website have previously accessed your information, we will not be able to delete your information from their systems.
If you change your decision about obtaining push information from leadzp.com and other parties, you can modify the settings by logging into your account. You can turn off cookies in your browser, but this may affect your use of the website.
Important Information
Please read our complete privacy statement for more information.
contact Us
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at 400-667-0606 or email 91yun@leadervc.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.
Privacy FAQ
Does leadzp.com track me through cookies?
Leadzp.com uses cookies to track your online habits. When you search for jobs on the leadzp.com website, a cookie on your computer records data about the job you searched for. When you log in to our website again to search for jobs, we will first list job information similar to your historical search requirements by reading the information on the cookie.
We also buy advertisements on other websites. When you visit other websites and see ads from leadzp.com, these ads can also read the cookie information on your computer, and then we can match the corresponding job information for you. For more information on how to provide you with interesting positions through cookies, please click on "About Us".
Do advertisers use cookies on leadzp.com?
We allow customers to place advertisements on the leadzp.com website, and the customers manage their advertisements through their own website. When you click on these ads, a cookie that is not affiliated with leadzp.com may be installed on your computer. You can choose to delete cookie information after you opt out of these ads.
Since the leaderzp.com website is free, will you sell my information?
You may have heard that many advertising and information websites also provide users with free services. Similarly, we will sell advertising space. However, we will not share your information with customers without your permission. Only, if The client pays the fee and we will allow the client to post job postings and search the resume library to find suitable candidates.
How do I keep my profile private?
Please click first to enter "My Espionage-Personal Center". You can delete and modify your personal "educational experience" and "work experience." We will retain registration information and basic information for you, which can be used as an archive for individual users.
Is anyone following my job search process and matching me for the job?
no. Our system decides what kind of job information is provided to you based on cookies. In the cookie, there will be a record of your previous search for job information. This process is completely automated by the computer and there is no artificial factor in it. Of course, we will check the relevant data to ensure that the information provided is correct.
How will companies use my application information?
Companies may use your application information to help them complete recruitment tasks; they may contact you through the contact information on your resume and learn about your application status; they may save your application information in their database and track the entire recruitment Process; may use your application information for background checks.
What kind of information is stored in the database of the leaderzp.com website?
Once you use the services of leadzp.com, your following information will be saved in our database:
1. Personal information: This is information that can help identify you. Only when you choose to be willing to save your information in our database, we will collect your corresponding information, such as when you create an account or resume on our website. To learn more about creating a resume, click here;
2. Statistical information: This information is not your special information, such as gender, zip code, personal preferences, etc .;
3. Account information: date of account creation, date and time of last login, date and time of resume creation, date and time of last update of resume, login failure log;
4. Behavioral information: your use of the website, application, browsing positions, login history, IP address;
We also collect information on your computer and your Internet habits, including where you log in to leadzp.com, traffic data, data about the pages you visit, and your click process on a page.
Leadzp.com also buys information you are interested in from other companies and provides it to you through advertising.
Will Leadzp.com tell companies if my resume is in the database?
If the company asks if someone's resume is in the database of leadzp.com, we will not reply. However, if your resume is set to "public" status, then companies that have purchased our services and are allowed to enter the resume library to search for resumes may be able to find your resume.
Can I make my information public?
Leadzp.com currently does not have the function of disclosing your information, so you still need to log in to see your information
What do you mean by "resume that is only open to China Talent Network"?
When you set your resume to "full confidentiality", we will shield your name, contact number and other information to protect your privacy. At this time, companies can still contact you through leadzp.com, but they don't know your exact identity. Please note that when you upload your resume, be sure to hide your contact information and other information manually to prevent it from being seen by anyone logged into the resume library.
When I visit websites other than Leadzp.com, will Leadzp.com track my online process?
Leadzp.com does not track your personal behavior on other sites unless you click on an ad on leadzp.com on these sites. If you click on these ads, we will get information about you by continuously tracking the ads and the website where the ads are located.
You may also receive cookies that are not from leadzp.com. Such cookies are not set by leadzp.com. They can be stored on your computer for more than 20 years.
How do I delete cookies?
You can delete cookies at any time. Note that once you delete all cookies, you may also delete cookies that match your position.
What services does Leadzp.com provide for the status resume "only open to Leading Jobs"?
Some people use leadzp.com's "only open to Recruitment Network" resume database to save resumes and deliver specific positions. If your resume is stored in the "Open to Recruitment Network Only" Resume Library, then the user privacy terms of leadzp.com also apply to your resume. However, leadzp.com and We are not responsible for your personal privacy rules.
How does a company search for resumes?
Companies need to pay for purchases to be authorized to search resumes in the database to find the right talent. If your resume is "public", your resume is searchable. If your resume is "completely confidential", although the company can also search for it, it cannot see the contact phone number and other information inside. The way companies search for resumes is similar to the way job seekers search for jobs. They can use keyword searches to find specific talents that fit their needs. The way companies save resumes is the same way you save jobs. Companies will keep their resumes in a special folder, as long as they have logged in to their corporate account, they can view their resumes at any time. Note that even if you delete your resume from the leadzp.com data, you cannot delete it from the corporate folder.
What does "public resume" mean?
When you choose to "publish" your resume, businesses and others who log in to our database will be able to see all the information in your resume and provide you with suitable positions. These companies may come from all over the world, or they may include companies you do not like.
Does Leadzp.com use cookies?
Yes, cookies are used by leadzp.com.
What data on my resume can be permanently deleted?
You can only delete the "Educational Experience" and "Working Experience" sections of your resume. The system will automatically retain at least one resume for you. Resume other than one resume will be in the database of leadzp.com Deleted permanently, this operation will be irreversible. If your resume has been searched by the company or you have applied online, then these companies and others who have purchased or authorized to enter the leadzp.com database may keep your resume copy. In this regard, leadzp.com is not responsible for the preservation, use, or privacy of your resume, unless you delete your account, we still retain the information you have provided.
How can companies contact me?
Companies can email you through leadzp.com or follow you directly on your resume.
Will my personal information be stored in a cookie?
Your cookie, leadzp.com will store your name, location, zip code and IP address. That's why when you log on to our website, we can use your name to welcome you and provide a list of jobs that meet your requirements. Other information such as authentication information, user parameters, interest categories, etc. are stored in the cookies of leadzp.com. Some of the information is encrypted.
Will Leadzp.com sell my personal information?
Leadzp.com will not sell your information to customers, unless you authorize us to do so, it will violate our "Terms of Use" for users. If a user uses the information on your resume to sell you a product, please click here to contact us and we will investigate.
How does Leadzp.com protect my information?
Leadzp.com has developed appropriate security measures to protect your personal information from loss, misappropriation / use / change or disclosure. However, the Internet is an open system and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not breach our security measures or use your personal information to engage in improper activities.
Remember that the main purpose of providing your personal information is to use our platform to show your resume and information to the majority of recruiting companies and maximize your career opportunities. Of course, there is also a risk that your resume will be seen by unauthorized third parties, so please ensure that your resume does not contain any sensitive information, such as personal files or other content that you do not want to make public.
How does leadzp.com use my information?
We save your information so that you can apply for positions, solve problems, prevent fraud, promote yourself, and help us improve the quality of our services. When we perform a website upgrade, survey, or need to communicate with you about other information or services-such as important security upgrade notifications, we may contact you through the information you provide.
What email will leadzp.com send me?
We will email you based on the information you chose to subscribe to when you created your account and your job search information. When there is a problem with the account you use, we will also email you to help you solve the problem.
How do I unsubscribe from an email sent by leadzp.com?
You can unsubscribe from emails sent to you by leadzp.com at any time, please visit "Account Settings" and click "Communications and Forums" at the bottom of the page. Note that we will send you emails related to your account from time to time. These emails contain important information such as security warnings. If you are a member of the leadzp.com community, you also need to log in to the community page to manage your subscription information.
Who will leadzp.com share my information with?
We will share your information with relevant third-party companies, and they will help us deliver product and service information to you. They will not use your information for anything other than helping us deliver products and services to you.
If you agree, we will also contact you for other products and services we provide for your comments. Of course, we will only share your information to the extent permitted by law.
What other information does Leadzp.com know about me?
In addition to the information stored in the data, we also store cookie information on your computer and purchase relevant information from third parties based on your interests. Cookies track your settings when you go online, what you browse, or how you use the web. The cookie is on your computer and you can delete data at any time.
What will leadzp.com do with the information in my profile?
Your profile will contain professional and other personal information about you. This information will help you find the right position, get personalized professional guidance, get personalized recruitment information, and help you create a resume. The profile will also help you to set up the homepage of leadzp.com for you to browse the positions you are interested in and compare your career development with your peers. Please click here to enter your profile.
How long will leadzp.com keep my information?
Leadzp.com will keep your information until you delete it (we will keep your registration and basic information) or we confirm that you will no longer use your account. We believe that a career is a life-long thing, so we will keep your information properly and do our best to make you feel effective, practical and objective in using our products and services. At any time, you can modify and delete your own information by first clicking to log in to your account and then modifying or deleting related information.
What happens after I apply for a position at leadzp.com?
When you apply for a position on Leadzp.com, your resume and application information will be sent to the company that posted the position. Companies will receive your application information via email. At the same time, their application information will also be saved in the "Resume" folder of their leadzp.com. After you have successfully sent the email, leadzp.com will send you a confirmation email. Of course, some companies may send you a confirmation email separately, while others may not give you immediate feedback. When you apply for a position, your application information will be recorded in "My Job Application", you can click the link below to track your application status.
Tip: Some companies will use the "My Recruitment Network" "Resume Search" button to directly import your resume into their website. This application method is the same as if you applied directly by mail, fax or post. There will be any records in your "Application History".
I always get calls from companies I ’m not interested in. How can I stop them from calling me?
If you do not want to receive a call from an uninterested company, you need to contact that company directly and ask them not to call you again. We will also provide your contact information to the company. As for how they contact you, we cannot guarantee it.。
About advertising

This is your leadzp.com to provide you with a personalized website experience, including content, services, and useful products that can help you manage your current and future career development and direction. You can easily use the innovative tool resources of Espernet.com to obtain information that is important to your career, create resumes, search for jobs, discover your working ability, and view advertisements for companies you are interested in.

About advertising provided by leadzp.com
Show you customized ads through the Leadzp.com website. Custom job advertisements are based on your own interests, which are inferred from certain user statistics or geographic data, as well as search terms that you enter when using the Leadzp.com site. For example, job seekers who are interested in the career of Nanjing programmers will not be linked to your personally identifiable information without your permission. Leadzp.com strives to provide a secure environment so that you can see clearly how we process your information.
Job advertisements issued by companies
Corporate recruitment advertisements published through leadzp.com are real and effective. We only provide advertisements for recruitment purposes for companies with actual recruitment needs. Therefore, when you log in to leadzp.com, you can rest assured to find your favorite job!
Frequently asked questions about advertising
Frequently asked questions about advertising
The ads displayed on Leadzp.com are inferred based on the following:
(a) The data you provide on leadzp.com (such as postal code, age, gender and interests);
(b) Your IP address;
(c) The search items you entered in leadzp.com. In addition, this information may be combined with other information from third parties, including information about your activities on the website. Information from third parties does not identify you personally, it just helps us show you job ads that we think are more relevant to your interests.
Why customize my resume on leadzp.com?
Leadzp.com thinks relevant ads are good for you. The additional personalized customization designed by leadzp.com can help you more effectively pursue your personal career goals and find relevant employment opportunities.
How does Leadzp.com use my personal information?
Leadzp.com will only use your personal information in accordance with our privacy statement. If you have additional questions, you can visit the privacy FAQ.
Hosting only Resume Database

Leadership.com (leadzp.com) provides customers with a variety of services related to hosting personal databases (hosted databases), and provides applications to link to these databases. These databases are hosted by leadzp.com and may use either leadzp.com's own servers or third-party servers (according to the terms of the contract)

Leadzp.com is like a data processor for customers. Customers own these hosted databases and use our applications for these data, so we will strictly follow their requirements and contract agreements for various activity. The client of leadzp.com is the controller of the data in all these hosted databases. The data in the database, including all data submitted to our application, shall be governed by the customer's privacy terms. If you are a job seeker or employee of one of our corporate customers, you should refer to the customer webpage or consult your human resources manager for the privacy regulations regarding the use of your information. Also, if you want to access or review personal information and other related requests, you can contact our customers directly (your future or existing business employer). We will cooperate with customers' requests and assist them in responding appropriately.